Adobe InDesign 2023: How to collaborate with PDF commenting markup for editingAdobe InDesign: How to collaborate with PDF commenting markup for editing. This new whitepaper guide illustrates the writing and editing process between InDesign and Acrobat DC when using comments to markup text changes.

Also fully explained is a newer method for collaboration called Share for Review, which is a browser-based method of editing instead of using Acrobat DC.  

This 40-page PDF publication takes you, the remote worker, step-by-step through InDesign's PDF Comment panel, and InDesign's Share for Review panel. You will also take a deep-dive tour of Acrobat DC's 20 commenting tools and Share for Review's simplified set of five commenting tools. Whether you comment your text markup in a PDF or in Adobe's document cloud from any web browser, you will be surprised at the depth of what is new and possible in this iterative text markup cycle. 

Learn which comment tools can be automatically updated back into the InDesign layout. Learn how to retrieve lengthy text changes, with formatting stying, back into InDesign. Learn all about the web-browser-based possibilities of commenting a PDF without even opening Acrobat at all! Explore the evolving capabilities of Share for Review, and let its simplicity speed up your production. This report will allow you to evaluate which commenting method is right for you, whether you choose InDesign/Acrobat PDF Comments or Share for Review Comments or both!

If your team of workers is working remotely from home offices, this new whitepaper report, fully illustrated, will help train up your group to work collaboratively; yet simply. Click on the InDesign 2023 Resources link to find our new whitepaper report: "Adobe InDesign: How to collaborate with PDF commenting markup for editing."

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